Scarsdale Diet Venus AKA The Venus of Tarnower

I finished the Scarsdale Diet Venus…gun and all. You can’t imagine how hard it is to find a toy gun that looks like a gun. They all look like they are from outerspace…I guess it’s politically incorrect to play with anything that resembles a weapon these days.  I ended up ordering a Blue Gun from Arizona Gun Runners…evidently they are model guns used in training police officers and the military…Not sure how…they are bright blue plastic and I don’t think they even weigh what a real gun weighs…but I was ever so grateful to have something to model Dr. Tarnower’s murder weapon on. I used pages from a book about the murder to make the gun. It was really hard to do…there is even real blood on that gun…my own of course…from cutting myself as I removed it from the mold. I guess that will just add to the realism. Here are some pictures…I wanted to find something like a Chanel Purse strap to use to attach gun to the Venus. I could just visualize the chain with the leather strap running thru it…this was the next best thing…it’s from purse I found at a thrift shop…not sure if I’m liking it or not…I think the red ribbon works well as blood…but it’s not a posh as I had hoped.

About fatfeministactivistart

I'm a fat feminist activist artist...if you have any buttons I want to push them. I am currently working on an installation about the so called "Obesity Crisis." Right about now I would like to shove a big old apple in Michelle Obama's mouth so that she would keep it closed. No offense but she's not making anything better by getting parents and children all obsessed with FAT...Listen to your own bodies folks the answer is there. Oh yes...and send me your diet books...I need them all.
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4 Responses to Scarsdale Diet Venus AKA The Venus of Tarnower

  1. Liz P says:

    This is amazing, I remember various friends being onthe Scarsdale diet and saying how wonderful it was when I was in my teens and 20s. I dont think I ever tried it. And my friends put the weight back on

    • My Parents were on it when I was in school…I remember not so fondly dinners where we all ate eggs and grapefruit all together…I don’t recall doing the rest of the day….I think it just made it easier for them if we all ate the same food at dinner. I guess if it was healthy for them…it was healthy for us? I was pretty sure it was the Scarsdale Diet…there was also the Stillman Diet…I could be confusing the two….There will be a Irving Maxwell Stillman Venus too.

  2. Liz P says:

    Grapefruit rings a bell, wasnt it supposed to stop the other food from turning to fat or some such snake oil suggestion. I once did a cheese and oranges diet! That was all I ate for the first week!. And where did I get the info from – my GP!

  3. “Memories….light the corners of my mind…misty water colour memories”…of the crap we did to our bodies…lol…

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