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Weight Stigma Awareness Week – About

Weight Stigma Awareness Week – About. Get involved…I’ve been about a bit out of it but it’s never too late to spread the word!  

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Weight Stigma Awareness Week Almost Goes Unnoticed By Busy Lady Wearing Pajamas

Originally posted on Fierce, Freethinking Fatties:
While some writers have spent the entire week meticulously researching and formulating thought-provoking pieces to appear in their respective publications in honor of (or perhaps in response to) Weight Stigma Awareness Week, I had…

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Installing Diet Detour February 2013 at Whitdel Arts Detroit!!!

One of the great accomplishments of this year was getting accepting into the Anywhere Else But Here Installation Exhibition at Whitdel Arts in Detroit. Diet Detour was the test run of the diet maze build concept and idea…we used both … Continue reading

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What’s with the flurry of activity???

You are probably wondering why I’m posting like a mad woman today…well I’m at home sick with a cold, and figured I would try to catch up with some of my stuff.  I just got back from Chicago where I … Continue reading

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Panel Discussion at “Corpo”Realities March 22-23, 2013 Negotiating Normalcy

Negotiating Normalcy: Panelists: Krystal Cleary, PhD Student Gender Studies, IU Jess Drew, MA Student Theatre&Drama, IU Brenda Oelbaum, Independent Artist and MI Rep. TFAP

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“Corpo”ral Punishment I performance at The “Corpo”realities performance conference at IU in Bloomington Indiana

Art@IU (Corpo)Realities March 22-23, 2013 Lee Norvelle Theatre&Drama Center Society and the medical communities are obsessed with fear and panic over the so-called “Obesity Epidemic.” The reality is that the majority of American Women are overweight, yet we have become … Continue reading

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