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Okay…me with the finished Venus of Richard Simmons

Actually we took these pictures a few days ago,  so there are a few new pages on her…but she looks pretty much the same.  I closed her up a bit too early and there are some pages that did not make … Continue reading

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Aisling working on the Venus of Phil…McGraw that is…

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Venus of Richard Simmons aka Never Say Diet Venus

Here is a slide show taken on my phone of the Richard Simmons Venus in process.  My assistant Aisling keeps finding little gems in the books as she pastes.  My favorite from yesterday was “There is no such thing as … Continue reading

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I just spent all night entering diet books into my computer for the Venus Project.  I can’t believe I have pulled an all nighter at my age.  I’ll probably end up sleeping all day now..and I wanted to be at … Continue reading

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Universal Network For Size Acceptance

Arg.  I joined a community of fat activists on this website and it’s now changed hands…I have to completely reset my whole profile it’s driving me crazy I’m so not computer literate.  I can barely manage this.  SOB!!!  How do … Continue reading

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