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Artist’s Statement: Bodies by Design, Exercise and Diet are a means of refining our contours literally. Since the early 1980’s Jane Fonda has been a symbol of health, fitness and wellness, inspiring trends including leg warms and fitness tapes. As … Continue reading

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Oh The Horror! The Horror! Crime Scene Becomes Crime Scene

Not even a Break In to the sacred Venus of Willendorf Project Temple/Studio can get me to blog.  Two days ago my precious assistant Amanda Moyer came in to tend the studio cats, Richard Scarry, Dr Jeff Katz, and Daisy … Continue reading

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My Response to Why I Don’t Diet – An Ode to My Father

Why I Don’t Diet – An Ode to My Father. This says so  much to me, I’m teary just reading it.  Of course this is not my experience and even though both sets of my Parents, (yes I was adoption … Continue reading

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Oh yeah I have time to blog!!! NOT

Okay so my life has been in upheaval for about a month trying to get this blasted crowd funding up and running.  It’s a gut wrenching procedure, making you question yourself and all your relationships.  Who loves you enough? who believes in you? … Continue reading

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Good Art From Bad Diet Books

Good Art From Bad Diet Books. This was a sweet little piece written about my work a few months back…still figuring out how to post things on this site.  Some websites make it much easier than others to figure out. … Continue reading

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ReVolution and Willendorf Project Real Detroit Weekly January 26-February 1st 2011

Loved Robert Del Valle’s blurb about my installation at River’s Edge in Real Detroit this week.  “Brenda Olebaum’s (sic) large scale installation/visual meditation on society’s obession with dieting and the government’s Orwellian “War on Obesity”.  Olebaum’s (sic) response to this … Continue reading

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Diet Rip-Up Follow Up: Artist’s Reception at River’s Edge Gallery in Wyandotte, MI

Opening Proves Rip-Roaring Success Guests become participants in art and rip up their diet books at The Great Rip Up at River’s Edge Gallery. By Melissa Ptak Moline Art enthusiasts filled River’s Edge Gallery Friday night despite freezing temperatures to … Continue reading

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Dr Phil will be the end of me.

  Okay besides the fact that I been working on his diet the longest I have ever been on a diet…well not quite…I did stay on Grey sheet OA for 10 years…and I only worked on that Dr Phil Venus … Continue reading

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Baby Legwarmers found for Jane Fonda Venus

While trolling the web for doll legwarmers I came across an vender “Purple Lizard Design” who was actually making Legwarmers for babies.  Soooo Cute.  They will be perfect for my delicate Venus of Fonda

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Scarsdale Diet Venus AKA The Venus of Tarnower

I finished the Scarsdale Diet Venus…gun and all. You can’t imagine how hard it is to find a toy gun that looks like a gun. They all look like they are from outerspace…I guess it’s politically incorrect to play with … Continue reading

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