Universal Network For Size Acceptance

Arg.  I joined a community of fat activists on this website and it’s now changed hands…I have to completely reset my whole profile it’s driving me crazy I’m so not computer literate.  I can barely manage this.  SOB!!!  How do people manage their own websites and blogs and facebook accounts??  I can’t even remember my name sometimes.  Anyways look for a link here soon…either from here to there…or there to here.

About fatfeministactivistart

I'm a fat feminist activist artist...if you have any buttons I want to push them. I am currently working on an installation about the so called "Obesity Crisis." Right about now I would like to shove a big old apple in Michelle Obama's mouth so that she would keep it closed. No offense but she's not making anything better by getting parents and children all obsessed with FAT...Listen to your own bodies folks the answer is there. Oh yes...and send me your diet books...I need them all.
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