Installing Diet Detour February 2013 at Whitdel Arts Detroit!!!

One of the great accomplishments of this year was getting accepting into the Anywhere Else But Here Installation Exhibition at Whitdel Arts in Detroit.

Diet Detour was the test run of the diet maze build concept and idea…we used both audio and smell components in the install and I have to say it was hugely successful. And to be completely honest, I’m not sure I would have had the guts to do it without my super D duper everyone should have their own…Amanda Nicole Rogers (nee Moyer) This is a short little video she put together of the incredible day long building process. And of course I need to thank all my little angel helpers, Luda and Vadim, Brett, Jeremy, Theresa, Amanda…all the staff, crew and volunteers at the gallery. Too much fun was had by all!

About fatfeministactivistart

I'm a fat feminist activist artist...if you have any buttons I want to push them. I am currently working on an installation about the so called "Obesity Crisis." Right about now I would like to shove a big old apple in Michelle Obama's mouth so that she would keep it closed. No offense but she's not making anything better by getting parents and children all obsessed with FAT...Listen to your own bodies folks the answer is there. Oh yes...and send me your diet books...I need them all.
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