Diet Book Contributors Page

Book Contributors from the 2013 International No Diet Day Ad

  • Christie Turriziani Polito, CT
  • Deborah Hodowal, NH
  • Sandra Wilson, CA
  • Lisa Onellette, MI
  • Melodie Pharms, MA x2
  • Anna Lo Monaco, FL x2
  • Lynnette Smith, NY
  • Darlene Donovan, NH
  • Bonnie Caylor Custom Chaps, CA
  • Deborah M. Fisch, MI
  • Union Lake Flea Market, MI
  • Sheri Summers-Szczepkowski, MI
  • Angela Mizzi Smith, MI
  • Jan Marie Belle, CO
  • Djames, PR
  • Kimberly Reid, MI

  • Dave NY
  • Lola Soleil ( Canada )
  • E Thayer IN
  • Sophie Houston ( UK )
  • Maureen MI
  • Marilyn Wilkinson ( UK )
  • Erwin McGee TX
  • Bri ( Australia ) Fatstudies
  • Madison McGraw ( The Foodie Fictionista ) PA
  • Melissa NJ
  • Kimdog NY ( introduced me to Bookmooch )
  • Kath (Japan)
  • Jamie White NY
  • Jay Moore GA
  • Jackie_B MI
  • Michael AL
  • Hanneke van Proosdij CA
  • Bookarts CA
  • Morgan GA
  • Brett WA
  • Rea (UK)
  • Andreas K (Germany)
  • Angela PA
  • Alicia GA
  • VG AL
  • Sir Andrew (Australia)

John King Books Detroit

AAUW American Association of University Women-Ann Arbor, MI

  • Summer of 2012 Book Drop Off Location

Crazy Aunt Gail from

Christy Kelly Bentgen

Jenny Crawford

Judith Banker

Loisann Arnold

Walter Kirby

Gingersnapelle from

Manoj Vijayan


  • Priscilla Otani, CA
  • Maxine Hess, GA

Fat Studies List Serve

  • Susan Koppelman
  • Alison Franks
  • Lesleigh (goddess_les)
  • Bonnie E. Rice: Love Your Body Campaign
  • Linda Bacon
  • Marilyn Wann
  • Peggy Howell

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  1. Carol Muth says:

    Hi Brenda: I saw your work and YOU at ARTPRIZE and absolutely loved the concept as well as your VENUS. I have always loved the Venus since my very first art history class in college. When we visited the Lascaux Caves in France last year, I bought a tiny souvenir version of her in the museum store. Are yours for sale? Please advise. Thanks. Carol

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