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Cover Girl Venus Dolls

Photo Credit: Amanda Moyer

4 different sizes of Cover Girl Venus Dolls. One of these can be yours if support my campaign!

4 different Venus of Willendorf models made from different book covers

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2 Responses to Cover Girl Venus Dolls

  1. Christopher Kimmell says:

    How? Your work is beyond wonderful. How can I have one?

    • Hi Christopher what a lovely comment, you have made my day. Did you have a particular diet book cover in mind for your doll? I will be making a large number of them in advance of an exhibition in China in April of 2014. Their sizes and prizes vary depending on the rarity of the book cover and the size of the doll. There is also an opportunity to receive one for a contribution to the funding of a book entitled Sometimes Beautiful. The curator, writer is offering up two of my first dolls for a $100.00 contribution. One is a Dr. Phil diet, and the other is Stop the Insanity by Susan Powter.

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